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People need to find your website. Search engines recommend your website if they like you. We make search engines like you 😉

Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves optimizing web servers, code, and content so that your website will rank better in search results.

Technical SEO provides the longterm technical investment to grow your website and secure your ranking and foot hold in the eyes of your customers and search engines (Google, Bing, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, etc).

For example at Spacetime, when someone searches on Google for "web design agency in dallas" we want our website to show up as close to the top as possible because the top slots on the search results page are more likely to be clicked.

Now, there are many factors at play to determine search result rankings—content, domain authority, user experience, site speed, engagement, etc—and all play a valuable part in the health and perceived value of a website.

Technical SEO optimizes everything that computers (aka robots, aka search engines!) understand and find value in. That includes indicators like keywords in text (so the robots know what a page or article is about) to speed and usability of a website on mobile.

As an added benefit when optimizing for robots, human users receive a better experience as well.

Take site load speed for example…

Both robots and humans like fast websites, so if your website is optimized for performance and changes from a 6 second load time to less than 2 seconds—well, you just made the robots and humans happier.

Search engine robots will compare your 2 second website load speed to your competitor's website with a 5 second load speed when determining which to show a customer.

Which do you think the search engine considers "better" based solely on website load speed?

What to expect from Technical SEO

SEO of any kind is a long term investment, and one that only grows in power over time when maintained well.

Technical SEO focuses on presenting your website and content in the best possible form for search engines (like Google) and customers. Basically, SEO makes the job of the search engine robots easier and better understand your website.

SEO involvement can be broken down into three types of tasks:

  1. One time tune-ups or upgrades; like fixing mobile user experience issues.
  2. Repeat tune-ups; like continually checking HTTP response codes.
  3. Future tune-ups; we stay engaged and up-to-date with how the future of SEO is changing and if that will affect your website

SEO is not a magic bullet

There's not a SEO button to flip on. SEO will not magically make your business explode or multiply your web traffic. SEO will not guarantee your website appears on the first page of Google.

But if you produce good content and provide a good product/service, over time SEO will act as a force multiplier in your favor.

How we implement Technical SEO

There are 200+ optimizations involved in a well rounded Technical SEO strategy. Not to bore you with the nerd stuff, here are a few segments of Technical SEO we use:

  • Internal linking
  • Crawling and indexation
  • HTTP response codes
  • Server side auditing
  • International SEO
  • Web performance
  • Advanced technology for SEO
  • Google suite of tools
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Search Console
    • Google Tag Manager
Headshot of Phil Frost of Main Street ROI

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.”

—Phil Frost, Main Street ROI

Does my website need Technical SEO?

The short answer is…


Any and all websites can benefit from a thorough and consistent investment in Technical SEO. The question to consider is whether now is the right time to invest in Technical SEO optimization.

Technical SEO is always useful, for new websites and old alike.

So, ask yourself—am I ready to invest in SEO?

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