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Fluidity Tech—a drone startup revolutionizing flight control


Kickstarting a unique product with a drone startup

Lift Off

Fluidity Tech set out to bring a new product to market.

The FT Aviator is the first of its kind drone controller that puts full flight control in a single hand. It provides a more intuitive response for people to fly drones—compared to using the classic two thumbs controller.

Brand Guidelines

When we began working with Fluidity, the name and logo already existed. From that point, we continued to develop a visual direction for the brand as a whole and applicable mediums.

By roughly mocking up a variety of concepts we settled on a course for future design and implementation of social media design, ads, web, and print.

Fluidity Tech brand guidelines booklet cover
Fluidity Tech brand guidelines page designs


The first public reveal of the FT Aviator was on Kickstarter, starting November 1, 2018. The campaign ran for 30 days with the goal to raise $50,000.

The campaign—coupled with a strong press push and marketing—was a huge success ending 200+% funded.

Fluidity Tech on KickstarterFluidity Tech Kickstarter page

On the web

The Fluidity Tech online home is a custom built WordPress website, combined with a Shopify eCommerce store.

Fluidity Tech pre launch website designFluidity Tech launch website designs
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