Coffee Timebusiness strategy and insight over a cup of coffee

STOP! Before you hire a developer or agency or contractor or designer or whatever, STOP!

We need to talk.


Because you have an idea. A big idea. A valuable idea. And you know you can turn that idea into a real business.

And so you should. But you’re also working within real constraints. Time, money, effort, and a thousand other things seeking your time and attention. So you need to allocate your time, energy, money, and effort into the right path and be wary who you give your money to and how you use your time in the coming months.

You only have one shot. Do you really want to blow the cash you’ve worked so hard for and saved so you could start a business? Probably not.

At this point you may be scratching your head a bit and questioning what I’m saying. What’s the worry? Why should I slow down? I need to move fast and have someone build this idea before someone else beats me to it.

👇Here are a few real scenarios to learn from, names have been changed to protect the innocent:

Mickey has a great app idea. He hires a big name agency to help take his app to market. Mickey has complete trust the agency has the best of intentions (and they probably do). Mickey works with the agency for the next 10 months and pays $150,000 before the agency lands on rough times and regretfully discontinues working with Mickey. Mickey walks away with good ideas and good intentions scribbled on papers and pretty designs. But he is out $150k and does not have a product to take to market. Ouch!

Suzanna hires a young development agency to build her startup because they were half the cost of another agency. Comparatively, Suzanna doesn’t spend near as much money as Mickey did, only $30,000. But the project drags on... and on... and on... One year later, the project is almost done. Then, out of the blue, Suzanna’s contact at the agency stops answering her phone, stops responding to emails, and just disappears.

Last one, and there is an upside to this one. Bryan has already been burned with his project and he’s wary. He tried the overseas labor route. Yuck! He tried working with a local agency. And got... something! But dadgum if it isn’t a hairball of a mess and full of bugs. Bryan continues on with his duct taped together startup, but hits a wall when he can’t reliably grow the business anymore. The software can’t handle the minimal success of the business and comes to a screeching halt.

What To Expect

A Coffee Time session typically will last up to 2 hours. Our highly caffeinated team will meet with you in-person (or by online video if you live outside of Dallas) to discuss your dream, idea, business, or concept. You have questions on your mind that we can answer. And we have questions for you to consider that you never thought of. We will discuss your immediate, short-term, and long-term goals and talk about the best path for you to follow.

Sometimes that results in conceptual business advice, sometimes we help you determine the technology to use behind your business, sometimes we help you determine the best agency or freelancer to work with, sometimes we convince you not to do anything at all.

Wait, what?

Think of Coffee Time as a Risk Aversion strategy. You can hire an agency to work on your project, but the Risk is High and the Cost is High. Because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Or, you can spend 2 hours drinking coffee and talking about your business and receive extremely valuable early business advice basically for free.

Coffee TimeStarting on Your Own
Risk🐶🦂 🕷 🦖 🦇
Cost💵💰 💰 💰 💰 💰
Time⏰ ⏰ ⏰ ⏰
Headshot of Bart Breunig

“I was impressed with how quickly Caleb evaluated my circumstances and offered constructive feedback that helped me to both save money and reevaluate my desired outcome.”

—Bart Breunig

Guaranteed, or Your Money Back

We guarantee you will walk away from Coffee Time with answers to your questions and new questions to answer. In fact, we’re so certain you will find Coffee Time incredibly insightful and valuable we offer a money back guarantee. If after our time together you decide the conversation provided zero value we will refund you in full.

So, would you like a latte or cappuccino? Our treat 😉

Get a coffee and Business Strategy.

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